Royals πŸ‘‘

Says he has everything he needs I know what his heart desires Can’t hide it from me kindling the fire hard headed intelligent but ignorant puts the money where his mouth is personality quite vigorous started from the bottom rapidly working to the top we are similar in many ways traveling with few stops When…… Continue reading Royals πŸ‘‘

ON ☁️🍷


Hello internet/cyber-world thingy and hello to those who actually take the time to read my posts that include but are not limited to my VERY personal poetry, and a few very significant moments in my life that I document through stories. I am going to be on WordPress a whole lot more because there are…… Continue reading RESOLUTIONS;

The fantasy

ready to be punished I walk out of the bathroom door black lace lingerie Mouthing the word “daddy” from across the room swaying a pair of handcuffs propped against the wall I know what you like where, how much looking straight into those hazel eyes while I finish you off my fingers and my hands…… Continue reading The fantasy


my room smells like cat there is dirty underwear scattered on my floor bedsheets i haven’t washed in days dirty clothes piled by the door I come home to sleep thats all i do here I study at a cafe its the same every year promise myself that things will change I will keep my…… Continue reading Mess


My mind and body crave one thing attention the sensations, the pleasure his lips take me to a whole new dimension hands stroking me so gentle a treasure my body tightens breaths quicken the lights off the room brightened peaceful quiet the thrill all in my head with every moment my body enlightened a burst…… Continue reading XXX