A buzzing noise

time free-time being alone trapped in my own head bird in a cage filled with rage I hate the silence I feel so strange a buzzing sound I lay in bed depressed and lonely buzzing buzzing in my head no one to talk to all this time alone makes me think of you and what…… Continue reading A buzzing noise

Oh Romeo

Falling in love with a fantasy making up the man of my dreams Juliet standing on the balcony awaiting Romeo & the tragedy not knowing what tomorrow holds as I hold a rose close to my chest and lay there in a white lace dress putting the power of true love to the test in…… Continue reading Oh Romeo


Your personality is amazing your energy gives me life your smile is worth a thousand words I am so lucky to have you by my side little sunshine with a heart of gold gonna save me from the utter cold I’m safe and warm in your arms, I feel at home our light conversations filled…… Continue reading SUNSHINE ☀️

Another day, another man

I have this thing where I get bored super easily, and I judge people easily.. I see someone I like, flirt with them for a while and then get bored. Its hard for someone to keep me interested. At this point in time I am not looking for anyone because I’m about to move but…… Continue reading Another day, another man

Royals 👑

Says he has everything he needs I know what his heart desires Can’t hide it from me kindling the fire hard headed intelligent but ignorant puts the money where his mouth is personality quite vigorous started from the bottom rapidly working to the top we are similar in many ways traveling with few stops When…… Continue reading Royals 👑

February 2018

Sooo once again, I fell in love with someone who will never be able to reciprocate those same emotions toward me. I fell in love with a liar this time. A selfish man who thinks its okay to fuck anyone he wants without consequence. I knew from the very start that this man would never…… Continue reading February 2018

ON ☁️🍷