Royals πŸ‘‘

Says he has everything he needs I know what his heart desires Can’t hide it from me kindling the fire hard headed intelligent but ignorant puts the money where his mouth is personality quite vigorous started from the bottom rapidly working to the top we are similar in many ways traveling with few stops When…… Continue reading Royals πŸ‘‘

The fantasy

ready to be punished I walk out of the bathroom door black lace lingerie Mouthing the word “daddy” from across the room swaying a pair of handcuffs propped against the wall I know what you like where, how much looking straight into those hazel eyes while I finish you off my fingers and my hands…… Continue reading The fantasy


silence perhaps im afraid Im afraid of the whispers that voice in my head The monsters, my own demons only escape during silences Telling me things awful things without reason Im afraid afraid of being alone in complete and utter silence, by myself My childhood, rather lonely growing up among complete strangers so many people…… Continue reading Alone