Weeds 🍁

I grind my sticky weed

pack my bowl

breathe in deep

exhale with a sigh of relief

my chest feels heavy

head is light

thoughts cease to exist

a moment of delight


A buzzing noise

being alone
trapped in my own head
bird in a cage
filled with rage
I hate the silence
I feel so strange
a buzzing sound
I lay in bed
depressed and lonely
buzzing buzzing in my head
no one to talk to
all this time alone
makes me think of you
and what you did
and how you were to me
how I wanted you
the nectar I would be
until you stung me in the back
wack attack
I didn’t see it coming,
now I have the buzzing in my head
buzzing, buzzing
annoying me instead
and then
I can’t help but think
about that day
about that night
heres the truth
I knew I deserved better
buzz buzz
better than you
I was naive
I just wanted to be loved
leaving you was liberating
when I told you no
you kept going
so I’m stuck
with this buzz
with too much free time on my hands
and that annoying bee
the buzzing sending me into a trance
in a spiral of negative energy
your memories flood my mind
and that sound of your voice
just won’t go away
buzzing buzzing till I fall asleep
high as a kite
until I wake the next day
go to work,
everything fine
okay until the buzzing starts
usually past nine.
Buzz buzzz (softly this time)
fading away
dying overtime


Future of America

The future of America
in the hands of today’s youth
our children need protection
they deserve the truth
Sitting ducks
fearing for their lives
hiding under desks at school
praying to survive
NRA collecting funds
for men with guns
government lies
who are we teaching
the death toll continues to rise
gun laws declared unconstitutional
while our children sit there screaming
blood paints the halls of our schools
teachers watching and grieving
please pick up a pen not a gun
talk of making America Great again
things have only gotten worse
this war is far from the end
racism at an all-time high
watching it happen
standing idly by
unable to empathize
sons, daughters
brothers and sisters
friends, teachers, and mentors
innocent lives are being mourned
creating another empty post
sorry for your loss
never again
in desperate need
America was never great
what does great again mean
land of the free
home of the brave
guns undocumented
none are safe
our guns easily obtained by our kids
those “mentally unstable” and “disturbed”
time to open our hearts and minds
such tragedies would have never occurred
if restrictions were put in place on time
a gun license or a permit
backgrounds checks
mental health resources we provide
22 mass shootings this year alone
more students than soldiers have died
these children are the future
2018 is the perfect time
to make a change
stand up and be a guide
to our children
help them survive
the future of America
in the hands of today’s youth
help them
guide them
tell the truth
bring them home from school alive


Oh Romeo

Falling in love with a fantasy
making up the man of my dreams
Juliet standing on the balcony
awaiting Romeo & the tragedy

not knowing what tomorrow holds
as I hold a rose close to my chest
and lay there in a white lace dress
awaiting true loves kiss
and take loves true form

in my head I am on a sandy beach
the sound of waves crashing onto the shore
I wake suddenly, confused and besieged
my Romeo’s cold cadaver laying on the floor

I loved him, but only for a moment
we are both so young
our lives feel unimportant
I grab the dagger, drill it into my body
already numb I don’t feel a thing
Actually begin to enjoy the pain

laying there in utter silence
my love laying pale beside me
no reason to feel afraid
I close my eyes
accept my fate

unaware Juliet was making terrible mistake
for a man she didn’t even know
love is blind people say
& youth is wasted on the young

looking back at that terrible day
two star-crossed lovers take their lives
tragedy could have been avoided
if their love didn’t start and end with lies



Your personality is amazing
your energy gives me life
your smile is worth a thousand words
I am so lucky to have you by my side
little sunshine with a heart of gold
gonna save me from the utter cold
I’m safe and warm
in your arms, I feel at home
our light conversations filled with humor
sun shining on our future
there isn’t a cloud in the sky
when you’re right there by my side
light of my life
silver linings
in disguise
reflecting on the future
we can do better
or apart
I’m glad I have you to guide me into the light
and out of the dark


Another day, another man

I have this thing where I get bored super easily, and I judge people easily..
I see someone I like, flirt with them for a while and then get bored. Its hard for someone to keep me interested. At this point in time I am not looking for anyone because I’m about to move but I can’t help but flirt with every cute guy who passes by. I have high expectations for myself and who I associate myself with. I am only 21 and I’ve already made so many mistakes. I’ve made memories with a few too many. I’ve already lost count of the men I’ve been with (not slept with). I opened up, became their “girlfriend” and let them have a piece of me. At this point in time I feel like I need time to patch up the holes that they have left. I need time and space but I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE being in lust.

lying to myself
thinking he could be the one
knowing deep down
I’m just fucking him for fun

future looks bright
his looking bleak
waking up to a new man
his dick puts me to sleep

cuddles to keep me warm
kisses meaningless
wanting to change him
being selfish

last guy I fucked
small dick
fat wallet
shoved it in my mouth
and told me to suck it

he “took me out”
said I was his
he was fucking a corpse
should have let me live

he added another hole
slabbed salt on the wound
acts long forgotten
but never forgiven


Royals 👑

Says he has everything he needs
I know what his heart desires
Can’t hide it from me
kindling the fire

hard headed
intelligent but ignorant
puts the money where his mouth is
personality quite vigorous

started from the bottom
rapidly working to the top
we are similar in many ways
traveling with few stops

When beauty met the beast
she noticed the challenge first hand
she looked past his attitude
took the title and became her man

patience is a virtue
many often lack
done playing games
need a man to have my back

a taurus bull
and the Leo lion
only work well together
when they avoid fighting

hes lucky you know,
having a chance with me
I am so patient
can easily be his Queen.


The fantasy

ready to be punished
I walk out of the bathroom door
black lace lingerie
Mouthing the word “daddy” from across the room
swaying a pair of handcuffs
propped against the wall
I know what you like
where, how much
looking straight into those hazel eyes
while I finish you off
my fingers and my hands
my mouth
my body
at your disposal
your good girl
The mother of your unborn children
You fantasize about the most
Seeing your baby growing inside of me
a fetish
being nurtured
getting bigger
you visualize my figure
laying in the bed you bought me
your hand on my round little belly
my breasts, swollen
your mouth around my nipple
nursing you and the baby
wanting to alleviate the pressure
your tongue dances around my body
working down to my clit
look up to see that belly bump
the sparkle in my eyes
knowing that I’m satisfied
happy in our little fantasy
just before pulling out
You look to see the aftermath
my breaths quicken
seeing my thighs contract
eyes rolled to the back of my skull
my nails digging into your back
hearing me moan
whispering your name
begging you to keep going
to cum inside of me
contracting my pussy
making it tighter for you
the feeling of you filling me up
I smile wide
You pull out slowly
loving the sweet satisfaction
Climbing back into your bed
exchanging kisses
your hand back where it belongs
I start nibbling on your neck
whisper daddy in your ear
loving you is my purpose
creating a family is a duty
nurturing is my passion
I want nothing more than to satisfy you