About Jamila

img_2343Future Journalist and published poet!


I am a โ™‰ living in California not knowing what tomorrow brings. This page was created for me to be able to express myself and vent a little about the real world and my everyday life. I also wanted to incorporate fashion, poetry, and lifestyle as much as possible. I am learning to take life one step at a time and this is just my outlet. If you do find yourself reading my posts, I would appreciate feedback, input, or just comment on what you were feeling when you read them.
Enjoy and dilet bicycle it ๐Ÿšฒ


2 thoughts on “About Jamila

  1. Dalanda Stephens says:

    Hey itโ€™s the lady from Covered CA lol….thank you so much for publishing your recent blog. It means so much that people are and will know his story and that I was able to inspire you just by sharing a little part of my life. I hope that anyone else who reads it finds their inspiration or voice when it comes to these every day situations. Thank you soo soo much for sharing this. Iโ€™m like literally shedding tears

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