My depression is many things.

my depression is a veil

that impairs my vision

forced to obey

oppressed I stay

unable to escape

this pre-enlightened state

I can’t get myself

to remove it.

My depression is an ocean


it pulls me under

I drown, slowly

in my thoughts

rocking back and forth

I begin to feel


and the nausea

makes food

so unappealing.

my depression is a blanket

I continue to hide under

in 90 degree weather.

I want nothing more

than to hop out of bed

open up the blinds

and focus on absolutely

anything else


I suffocate in silence

sweating under this

damn thing

and think about all

the ways to explain

that my depression

is a shapeshifter

that hides

behind my smile.



One thought on “My depression is many things.

  1. Depression is a strong enemy
    deceiving with its traps and lies
    want to create in us sadness,
    sorrow, & also misery as a vice.
    Know for sure this is not true
    that you are not fighting alone
    and you also can go through,
    together we can reach the sky
    one that is beautiful and blue.


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