College life Update: The struggle to keep things balanced

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Labor Day, that one public holiday held in honor of working people. Everyone is supposed to have a day off today butttttt my ass works retail so guess who is going to be spending this national no work holiday working…meeeeeeee. 🙃 To anyone else who is in this situation, I feel for you and I am sorry but collect that time and a half and smile because you have to, the customers always come first.

Please enjoy these memes that describe exactly how I feel every day:

lesliecustomer service -ahs

ANNYYYWHOOO.. The college life is treating me well so far but I am so freaking exhausted all the time because I work 40 hours a week still and I signed up for 15 units this semester thinking they would give me an extra day off like they told me they would. Nope..ha ha girl retail is not something I want to be doing for much longer..maybe retail isn’t the problem and I should find another store but it takes way to long to interview and train and I have to focus on a million trillion things right now.`


yay meI love it and I feel like I finally found a sport that I can do without being super out of breath or worrying about my boobs falling out of the uniform because ya girl needs two sports bras in order to want to run, ya know? Plus my arms and back are going to be super toned by the time I finish my first year. The women’s rowing team meets Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 7:30 am so I have to wake up at the early buttcrack of dawn but at least I get to watch the sunrise on the water. I think I might also join the salsa team because I have always wanted to be a part of a dance club or group but I never took a chance. The same thing with sports, this is the first sport I have ever signed up for even though I feel like I would kick ass at softball or volleyball maybe even swimming. I am brand new to this area and this school and I want to have as much of a college experience as I possibly can before my two years are up. I’m still young and I feel like I always put work first which isn’t a bad thing but I am not holding back this year.


My classes aren’t that bad yet but it has only been a week so I don’t want to open my big mouth and be like OH YEAH SCHOOL IS EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY and then be crying two seconds later like FUUUUUUUUUU why did I say all that shit and this sucks lol. My first assignment was a story proposal because I’m in school for Journalism if some of you didn’t know and it was literally just sending an email to the professor with the topic you want to cover…my dumb ass wanted to make it sound cheery so I added an adjective in my email not thinking much of it because its not even a real proposal, its just one stupid email. My professor immediately calls me out on it and says “we are not supposed to use opinionated words in our writing, you should know better.” I’m sitting there like huh?!?!?! First of all, I thought you were one of my chill professors and second, I appreciate you telling me this but I don’t because WTF it’s not that serious..lesson learned I guess. On the bright side, I have two of my classes with my roommate and it’s super cool to have a study buddy sharing a room with you. We got our first assignments in! YAY US!

I also wanted to say, just as a side note that I know my posting schedule is super random and there isn’t really a scheduled post ever. I just wanted to say bear with me because if I had a schedule for my posts it wouldn’t come from the heart and it would feel more like an obligation which is a reason why I am not a Youtuber even though I really want to explore that whole side.



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