In my opinion: A millenial’s perspective on relationships

In my opinion, few know what they actually want. I am at this age where I don’t know if I should be looking for a committed relationship or just having fun and enjoying my 20s. I’m hoping that when I do meet the right guy he is going to add to my life and not take away from what’s important. I have this vision that it will all come together so easily and love will find a way to me just like it does in a Disney and the beast gif

My fellow millennials out there know what it’s like growing up in this crazy competitive world and how difficult it has gotten over the years & currently everyone is pushing for the same thing, success. It’s annoying because I find myself more focused on other peoples opinions. I ask myself how things will look from an outsiders perspective which really shouldn’t matter but somehow it does. In this age of new media and social media, we strive to live a picture-perfect life from the clothes we wear and places we go to the people we are seen with. I think it has affected the individuals we surround ourselves with too.

Recently, I have been hearing about the relationships that end over that “I can do better than him” thought. Someone in the relationship is unhappy because they think there is someone hotter or smarter or more put together out there and there might be in allthe little mermaid honesty..but if there is nothing wrong with the relationship in the first place, why mess up a good thing? (Wo)men break up with their S/O thinking that they are going to find something better and realize that there is more garbage out there than good genuine people. They always come back to that one person who brought them comfort and security. I guess that’s just a part of live and you learn and you never really know what you have until its gone, but then its too late.

You know what they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)mans treasure..


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