A buzzing noise

being alone
trapped in my own head
bird in a cage
filled with rage
I hate the silence
I feel so strange
a buzzing sound
I lay in bed
depressed and lonely
buzzing buzzing in my head
no one to talk to
all this time alone
makes me think of you
and what you did
and how you were to me
how I wanted you
the nectar I would be
until you stung me in the back
wack attack
I didn’t see it coming,
now I have the buzzing in my head
buzzing, buzzing
annoying me instead
and then
I can’t help but think
about that day
about that night
heres the truth
I knew I deserved better
buzz buzz
better than you
I was naive
I just wanted to be loved
leaving you was liberating
when I told you no
you kept going
so I’m stuck
with this buzz
with too much free time on my hands
and that annoying bee
the buzzing sending me into a trance
in a spiral of negative energy
your memories flood my mind
and that sound of your voice
just won’t go away
buzzing buzzing till I fall asleep
high as a kite
until I wake the next day
go to work,
everything fine
okay until the buzzing starts
usually past nine.
Buzz buzzz (softly this time)
fading away
dying overtime


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