Oh Romeo

Falling in love with a fantasy
making up the man of my dreams
Juliet standing on the balcony
awaiting Romeo & the tragedy

not knowing what tomorrow holds
as I hold a rose close to my chest
and lay there in a white lace dress
putting the power of true love to the test

in my head, I am on a sandy beach
the sound of waves crashing onto the shore
I wake suddenly, confused and besieged
my Romeo’s cold cadaver laying on the floor

I loved him, but only for a moment
we are both so young
our lives feel unimportant
I grab the dagger, drill it into my body
already numb I don’t feel a thing
Actually, begin to enjoy the pain

laying there in utter silence
my love laying pale beside me
no reason to feel afraid
I close my eyes
accept my fate

unaware Juliet was making a terrible mistake
for a man, she didn’t even know
love is blind people say
& youth is wasted on the young

looking back at that terrible day
two star-crossed lovers take their lives
tragedy could have been avoided
if their love didn’t start and end with lies


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