Another day, another man

I have this thing where I get bored super easily, and I judge people easily..
I see someone I like, flirt with them for a while and then get bored. Its hard for someone to keep me interested. At this point in time I am not looking for anyone because I’m about to move but I can’t help but flirt with every cute guy who passes by. I have high expectations for myself and who I associate myself with. I am only 21 and I’ve already made so many mistakes. I’ve made memories with a few too many. I’ve already lost count of the men I’ve been with (not slept with). I opened up, became their “girlfriend” and let them have a piece of me. At this point in time I feel like I need time to patch up the holes that they have left. I need time and space but I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE being in lust.

lying to myself
thinking he could be the one
knowing deep down
I’m just fucking him for fun

future looks bright
his looking bleak
waking up to a new man
his dick puts me to sleep

cuddles to keep me warm
kisses meaningless
wanting to change him
being selfish

last guy I fucked
small dick
fat wallet
shoved it in my mouth
and told me to suck it

he “took me out”
said I was his
he was fucking a corpse
should have let me live

he added another hole
slabbed salt on the wound
acts long forgotten
but never forgiven


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