Hello internet/cyber-world thingy and hello to those who actually take the time to read my posts that include but are not limited to my VERY personal poetry, and a few very significant moments in my life that I document through stories. I am going to be on WordPress a whole lot more because there are so many things happening this year and so many changes that I’m not going to be able to wrap my head around until much later into the future. One of my New Years resolutions is documenting more of these exciting and positive moments. Every fall and winter since my father passed away I tend to fall into this depressed state and the only way to snap out of it is to remind myself of all the little things I am thankful for on a daily basis.

1. How my mother is an incredible woman and everything that she has put herself through was for this moment right here..complete bliss.

2. My father was an incredible cook and a cool state at home dad during the day. There was even a time after he got out of rehab where he was able to stay with us for an entire year while I was in middle school. I was so excited to have homemade breakfast and lunch instead of the free meals at school.

3. I was born into the biggest most loving family on this planet. My uncles and aunts all get along and there is never any conflict mA. I feel like all of my aunts are my mothers and uncles are father figures. My aunt Aziza raised me just as much as my mother. I remember having the courage to take the B.A.R.T. train from Concord to Fremont all alone just to see her every weekend in 5th grade. It was definitely my home away from home. ❀️

3.I owe my entire life to my girls, we are the friends that so many aspire to have. Theres P, the fabulous and talented and gorgeous Cosmo in training who we all know is going to be super successful in life. Probably going to have her own salon next to the hookah lounge we open up πŸ˜‰
B, the modestly stunning photographer wifey who is probably going to marry an over 6ft tall black muslim guy (any inquiries…lmk) and have a bunch of mixed babies that I will take and raise for my own.
S, is gonna be married to a super rich middle eastern guy and will be set for life.. “me no study, me no care” right babe? LOL nahhhh jk shes going to be the most incredible business woman the world has ever seen…unless she’s doing bio-tech (has not been decided yet)..then she will have a cure for cancer in no time.


also, thank YOU
yes, YOU
I see you through the stats 😬
for real though thank you for taking the time to read and comment, or like my posts. Maybe one day I will make this page more public and share it on my personal social media pages. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to expose that part of myself yet. My last few poems have been about my sexual fantasies and desires and I would like to think of WordPress as my little journal and an outlet where I can say whatever I want the way it feels. Some of my entries are nothing more than run on sentences..but thats the beauty in something like this, it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t yet, please like any posts you’ve read and maybe even follow me because I’m human and I would like a little reassurance once in a while πŸ˜… I appreciate youuuuu
Thats all for now,

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