To the married couples ❤️

To all the married couples who have made it through years together
I envy you

its hard to find a man
that will love you
be your biggest fan
the one who will be yours forever

commitments become difficult
millennials living their lives,
the “In the moment” state of mind
blaming myself

being too good
being a “wifey” type of girl
thought that was the dream

Bringing him food
Thinking of him day and night
Waking him up with a bj
My body at his disposal

too bad my relationships never last
A few months here
Few more there
my friends always know
How long it actually a lasts

I go through men like water
they’re so disposable
feels perfect in the first few months
until one day it all changes
they become careless

all the little “favors” you do for them turn into chores
That white Pickett fence life is behind us
the new dream turned into a game

who can get ahead
who can get further
materialistic dreams

was it always this difficult?
were men always this way?
I know who I want to become
a successful woman
with a committed man on my side

someone who I know will appreciate me
and all the little things I do to keep him happy
even when we argue,
it won’t be enough to break us apart

we will always find a way back to each other
true love
these are the thoughts of a hopeless romantic

to those who have someone you would do anything for
the one you can commit your whole life to
give them anything in the world

see them with you every single step of the way
I envy you
never let that person go


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