The fantasy

ready to be punished
I walk out of the bathroom door
black lace lingerie
Mouthing the word “daddy” from across the room
swaying a pair of handcuffs
propped against the wall
I know what you like
where, how much
looking straight into those hazel eyes
while I finish you off
my fingers and my hands
my mouth
my body
at your disposal
your good girl
The mother of your unborn children
You fantasize about the most
Seeing your baby growing inside of me
a fetish
being nurtured
getting bigger
you visualize my figure
laying in the bed you bought me
your hand on my round little belly
my breasts, swollen
your mouth around my nipple
nursing you and the baby
wanting to alleviate the pressure
your tongue dances around my body
working down to my clit
look up to see that belly bump
the sparkle in my eyes
knowing that I’m satisfied
happy in our little fantasy
just before pulling out
You look to see the aftermath
my breaths quicken
seeing my thighs contract
eyes rolled to the back of my skull
my nails digging into your back
hearing me moan
whispering your name
begging you to keep going
to cum inside of me
contracting my pussy
making it tighter for you
the feeling of you filling me up
I smile wide
You pull out slowly
loving the sweet satisfaction
Climbing back into your bed
exchanging kisses
your hand back where it belongs
I start nibbling on your neck
whisper daddy in your ear
loving you is my purpose
creating a family is a duty
nurturing is my passion
I want nothing more than to satisfy you


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