I think I’m in love with Happiness

Happiness is easy

Comes naturally

Leaves suddenly

Returns unexpectedly

Stays comfortably

And lives honestly

Happiness looks light 💡

Feels sensual

Tastes powerful

And sounds like a good time

Happiness is a friend

Who stops by to say hi

Even in the worst times

Happiness is remembered

And loved

Happiness is needed

And wanted

Happiness is craved

what is the purpose of living without it

It is as important as a brain

and as strong as A heart

Once you stop living

The memory of your happiness will live on

So protect it

And nurture it

Create a garden within yourselves

Allow it to bloom the most obscure flowers

Let it fill your life with colors

And please share this experience with others

Because happiness spreads like a wildfire

So I’m igniting the light

Planting the seeds

And clearing the debris

So that happiness can stay

For as long as it needs

And when it does decide to leave

We let it

For happiness is like fresh air

It can’t be contained

If it was always there

We would never notice it

That’s why it’s so special when it comes to visit

I think I’m in love with happiness


To my best friend

By my side

Through the good and bad

Partners in crime

Best I’ve ever had

Thank you for everything

For all that you do

For putting a smile on my face

for knowing what I’m going through

My dory ass is always lost

You always know where to look

When I get lost within myself

You can read me like a book

I can count on you to know

Exactly what to do

When I feel broken inside

You show up

And bring the glue

You can put back the pieces

better than anyone I’ve known

Thank you for being there

I no longer feel alone

Thanks for keeping me warm

These long winter nights

These last few months have been dark

thanks for hanging twinkle lights

Thanks for everything best friend

I moved out here for a reason

I want you to reach your goals

And push you to achieve them

I hope you’ll come back to this

Whenever you feel down

To remind you of how amazing you are

And that I’ll always be around 😘


Playing games

22 year old woman from Queens

Moved to SoCal to fulfill my dreams

Dedicated, loyal, hardworking, polite

the man I’m in love with is kinda blind

He doesn’t see that I’m one of a kind

He doesn’t see past the similarities

The ones of me and his ex

Never lets me forget

Brings it up every chance he gets

Apparently we even feel the same during sex

And say the same thing through text

He Says thank you next and no regrets

But still replies to her when she texts

He gets upset when she’s on my mind too

She wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for you

I really don’t know why though honestly

Why am I chasing after you so desperately

This is very unlike me

I shouldn’t care that you’re not mine

I’m also not gonna beg and whine

A woman like me is hard to come by

And someone who can’t see my worth

Just feels like a huge waste of my time

So what are we doing

Feels like we’re playing games

I’m done with this tic tac toe Tetris shit

For a second I thought you completed me

But I was wrong

It was just the wrong fit

nothing new to me



I crave women

I’m curious

Might be going through a phase

As of right now

It’s just a little craze

I love dick so much

Don’t get me wrong

But I also love women

Both independent and strong

I have had many men

It just wasn’t enough for me

But I haven’t had a woman yet

How different can it be?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see

Until I find a woman that finds me worthy

To share with her

This curious side of me


Best they’ve ever had

I stood there with my heart on my sleeve

thinking I was the problem with “us”

only later would I realize

you weren’t shit

it was all an illusion, lust

all these guys crawling back to me

they fall on their knees

begging me to take them back

telling me they’ve made a mistake

apologizing for how they’ve behaved

saying I’m the best they’ve ever had

it’s too late now

they’ve already broken the trust

what we had are ashes and dust.

I was THAT girl

the only girl

who has ever treated them right

a Queen in plain sight

secure and confident

wanting only the best for them

the best for us

it was never enough

I was dying inside

couldn’t stop crying

Covered it up so well

you couldn’t tell

It didn’t break me

I wouldn’t allow it

I woke up

Picked up the pieces

Knew how to go about it

erased the memories of us

Definitely not worth my tears

someday they will see

the mistakes they made

Helped me grow stronger

face my fears

I can finally let them go

It wasn’t my choice at first

I just learned to accept it

I’m going to bed happy

Knowing I got rejected

Things happen for a reason it’s true

Thank God I’m moving on

Already looking my next “boo”

One who sees my worth

And deserves everything I do


it’s complicated

I’ve never been a jealous person

For some reason I hate her

I am jealous of her

With everyday, it gets worse

I just hope you know

I’m here even if it hurts

I can’t even begin to explain

The emotions that consume me

Every time you mention her name

I wonder if you’ll ever love me the same

I fucking hate her

For what she did to you

I know you’re hurting

But at this point, it’s hurting me too

And I am learning every day

I just need to be patient

Watch what I say

I just need to stay calm

For both of us

Stay strong

Enjoy today

worry about tomorrow

Not yesterday

Please try and forget the sorrows of the past

Make new memories that last

One day you will move on

Think of me instead

Or at least try to

But even if it doesn’t work out

Without a doubt

You are my best friend through and through

And honestly

I really do love you


Why she smiles

that girl’s million-watt smile

brightens the room

big kind eyes

appear animated

in every word she speaks

that voice

soothing and harmonious

puts my soul at ease

I wonder what she’s gone through

holds her head up

with grace

her presence


a cool breeze

looking out

toward the future

problems of her past

hidden away

behind her distracting

million-watt smile



Dear inspector dumbass@LBPD🖕🏼🖕🏽

Today, I was issued an unnecessary citation for “loitering” in a park after hours…

FIRST OF ALL…This motherfucking white cop pulled up while my best friend Freddy and I were TALKING in the car at around 11p.m. He pulled his little dick out of his pants with him as he approached us and started flashing his handheld flashlight directly into our eyes. He walked up and pulled Freddy’s car door open, immediately demanding to see our IDs. I ask him why and tell him that we did nothing wrong and the next thing I know..that look on his face completely changed and HE WAS PISSED..for what tho? I questioned him? “If I were you, I would stop giving attitude because I could either give you guys a warning, issue you a citation or even take you to jail for trespassing.” (uhhh…okay Sir….get that stick out of your white asshole and maybe my tone will change for you) My blood boiled because I didn’t even say it in a rude way and I was actually confused as to why he was so rude and demanded to see my ID when I wasn’t even driving. I swallowed my pride and did as he said feeling smaller and less of a person with every question I answered. My hands were shaking, I couldn’t breathe and I just kept playing with my pop-socket because I have really bad anxiety. I wasn’t trying to make things worse but I didn’t bring anything with me so I decided to start searching through my google photos app to see if I could pull up a photo of my license. My anxiety was so terrible even doing something simple like pulling up this photo was a struggle. He walks over to my side and pulls the my door open. The lights in the car turn on, I look down and notice my student ID attached to my keys on the floor. I pick it up, hand it to him and the only thing I say is there you go, I don’t have my license on me but I have a school ID. He grabs it from me, looks at it for .02 seconds and hands it back to grabs his pen and paper. He smirks and as he asks me to go over some information. After I answer his unnecessary questions he slams the car door behind him as he walks away to confirm my answers. I didn’t bring an ID with me..I was talking to my best friend in his car and were doing absolutely nothing so why would I need my ID in the first place? That’s why questioned him..HE HAD NO RIGHT TO TREAT US THAT WAY. We look back and see three other police cars pulling up with him as he’s trying look something up. He comes back and asks me to confirm the information I gave him AGAIN  telling me I am not in the system. I do as he says, spell out my name in perfect English and he slams the door AGAIN.. This idiot asks me to spell out my NAME EVEN AFTER I SHOWED HIM MY ID WITH MY NAME ON IT AND I CONFIRMED IT THE FIRST THREE TIMES. He turns around, walks back to his car and five minutes later we see two of them walk up. This time a white female officer came up to the car to “assist” inspector dumbass. Of course inspector dumbass wanted to hand deliver mine personally so there he goes again aggressively opening up the passenger side door. But wait! It gets better guys! He tells me in absolutely no time that I am getting the citation for “LOITERING” and shoves the booklet in my face to sign. I wanted to go off on this mother fucker sooo bad but I just looked up, smiled and signed this bullshit piece of paper and took my citation not saying a single thing. After the female officer saw that I had signed mine she handed Freddy his citation written and all she could say was “you too” handing him a pen. After that, the dumbass walks away all content probably thinking in his pea brain that he’s a hero or some shit for busting some college kids.. We were so confused. I honestly wasn’t mad about getting the citation because we were parked there at 11 o’clock p.m. but the way he wanted to make us feel so small and defenseless was not okay. I am a student and a citizen here and as many of you know I just moved here. I had no idea parks even had curfew because this has never happened to me before. He could have said it in a less aggressive tone but instead had to show us who was in charge here. I hate to say it but the first thing that came to mind was racial profiling and maybe he was acting this way because Freddy and I were of minorities. Why else would he need to look up my information and call other officers to assist when we were cooperating. Why would he feel threatened by us? Two university students with clean records chilling in a parking lot sounds threatening doesn’t it? Well I hope karma gets you inspector dumbass. There is no way in hell that I am paying this citation off without going to court. I am still getting used to things around here but this experience with LBPD changed my whole perspective of the city. I now have this negative opinion of a beautiful city I fell in love with at first sight. Law enforcement is supposed to help citizens but instead this encounter left me feeing violated and disrespected.


Thoughts on a Sunday night

I just feel like I can’t breathe

Want to close my eyes

Go into a deep sleep

Forget everything and everyone

My chest feels heavy

I just can’t breathe

I can’t









I take a breath

Slow my brain down

My hands are shaking

I’m mentally exhausted









I don’t know what to say

Other than I’ll be okay

I smile during the day

At night tears run down my face

My body and mind are numb

I can’t focus on school

Feel so dumb and out of place

Counting the stars in outer space

I’m on a different planet

Pluto, one that no longer exists

I’m just lost

Desperate to feel bliss

Weed is my friend

The only one to mend the pain

I’m gonna go insane

I don’t know who to blame

I blame life

Out of luck

I’m just stuck with a poor family

Who has nothing in life but each other

An In debt, and occupied mother

And a brother who calls me a slut

But for what

Why do I have the life I have

Working and studying like a slave

Wanting nothing more than to crawl back into my cave

Close the door

Turn off the lights

End this fight with myself

An ongoing battle

School and work vs my sanity

This life not as great as I hoped it would be

Trying so hard to stay positive

I just lost all reason to live